Sunday, March 24, 2013

The final

I decided to put loops on the Butterfly piece so any neckstrap could be used. And I didn't have to make all those decisions!! I also decided to add fringe, although I liked it just fine without.

I will put this up on my Etsy shop as soon as I get more gooder pictures of it! I really need some lessons in how to take better pictures of my beadwork.

Butterfly piece

I am working on this necklace:

I am waiting to do the finish stitching on the backing until I decide on the type of necklace strap the piece will have. This is the point where I would love to hand it off to someone else to make those decisions. I love doing the Bead Embroidery/Applique' but do NOT like making straps! But... I will soldier on!
I am thinking of making a Herringbone strap. Soutache is tempting but doens't seem right for  this piece, as there is no Soutache in the pendant.

I really love the Joan Tucker porcelain piece and have a couple of others of hers to use. Her business is called: Off Center Productions. Thank you for the pieces Joan. It has taken me waaaay to long to use them!!

All things beady,


Sunday, March 17, 2013

An oldie

HI! Everyone,
Here is an oldie but a goodie. I think I made this bracelet in 2002. It has lost some twigs and few flowers fell off, but it is still a good bracelet. I am going to look it over good today to be sure it doesn't need anymore repairs. Then, back on my dresser it will go.
It is a little on the heavy side for me. I designed a simpler, lighter version, although not as intense. I still like this one better.
I am putting my felted display hand to use here!
So....... I went into a big box craft store recently and guess what they had?!? Plastic display hands! When I was looking the Christmas decorations were in their place and there wasn't a display hand to be found! That's OK. I like mine better anyway and it was free!!

Many beady things,