Monday, May 9, 2011

One More!

The Spring Leaf Pod. This Leaf Pod is done in the colors the fashion industry says are the spring colors for 2011. I don't usually pay any attention to these trends because that's what they are: trends. I would rather put colors colors together that look good, make me feel good, are timeless, go with anything and sometimes push the boundaries a little bit. So, here it is....

More Leaf Pods

HI! Everyone,
Here are a few more Leaf Pod necklaces. I still have not decided about the kit idea. I might just sell the leaves. Hmmmmmm. Ideas are always appreciated!

For those who have tried to go to my website lately......It has been lost in techno-limbo. I tried to change the hosting of my site and was unseccessful. It is still not up and running again but should be (crossing my fingers and toes) soon.