Monday, December 21, 2009

My son is in a movie!

My son Tyler used to be in a country western band, Oregon Rain. About 3 1/2 yrs ago the band was hired to be the bar band in a scene in a Bruce Campbell movie, My Name is Bruce. We finally got around to watching the movie. Bruce Campbell movies are cheesy, B, save-the-town-from-the-zombies movies. They are meant to be. Anyway, it was worth watching because about 43 minutes into the movie is the bar scene and they show the band for about 5 seconds. I get to see my son in a movie!! His name is in the credits twice as a member of the band and as a perfomer of the song they are singing.
As a Mom it is just the coolest thing. The bonus is Tyler's brother, Gabe, is a long time fan of Bruce Campbell and Bruce Campbell is a local resident. The  movie was filmed in the Rogue Valley near Ruch and in Medford, Oregon.
Check it out!
Love and Hugs to all this Christmas and Holiday season,

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Felted Purses


I finally took Wanda's felting class. I could never understand why a person would spend all that time knitting something beautiful and then put in a washer of hot water and shrink it. Well, now I get it!! It is so,ooooo cool! She also showed us how to needle felt and now I'm hooked on that! Needle felted doll faces here I come!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Fall Necklace Pouch

HI! Everyone,
I test my friend Renee's bead knitting patterns for her. This necklace is her latest and she says her last, but I think she will do a few more. This is my version of her pattern. I think we have finally worked all the bugs out of this one.
I bought a new fall outfit at JC Penney. I never do that but I did. I bought a pair of purple cordouroy pants, a green knit top and a burnt orange knitted sweater/cape. I just love it! All for about $60! Amazing. Anyway, I knitted this bag to go with the outfit.

Love and the leaves are falling too fast,

Monday, September 28, 2009

HI! again,

I really should check these posts better before I go publishing them to the blog! OH! Well, my mistakes will improve your reading skills and abstract thought!


Summer Challenge winner 2009

HI! All,
Here is the necklace I entered in the Bead Merchant Summer Challenge 2009. She won the Fantasy Beader category and was one point away from being the over-all winner! We all start with the same, or similar, centerpiece. In this case they were all exactly the same. It's what you do with it that makes it your own.

Now I am working on the Fall Challenge piece. We all picked from a dish of pieces of Golden Coral. I chose this one. I already know where I am goign with this one. Let's see where I end up!


Friday, September 18, 2009

One of the last sunsets

HI! Everyone,
It has been way too long since I posted last. The problem is that when I get out of the routine of posting on a regular basis then I just don't seem to get around to it. Now that we are back home I will have more internet time.
Here is a photo of one of the last sunsets at the Lake.

Here in Grants Pass we are having our annual Sidewalk Chalk Art event October 3&4th. I will have a booth at Riverside Park selling my Pocket Purses, Fuzzy Pouches,Bead Knitted Amulets and my books and patterns.
Wish me luck!
Hugs all around,

Monday, August 3, 2009

Here's a few photos I've taken up at Fish Lake. There are two Hummingibrd feeders right by the motorhome driver window. I sit there around 5:30-6:30 AM and try to get an in-focus picture. HA! Out of the two or three hundred I've taken Ive gotten about 6 good ones. Thank goodness for digital cameras!

Click on the photo to take a closer look. The Hummingbird has a drip of sugar water on his beak in one. In the other he is saying something!

Another new one....

Here's another sample of some of one of the new patterns. I am trying to get something besides Bead Knitting patterns up at the site.




Help me!

HI! Everyone,

I need your help! I am finally adding new patterns to my website after about 3 years. I need to ask for your help in getting the word out. I will be posting new patterns every month for as long as I have patterns to post.

I have finally gotten some of my old hand colored and written graphs put onto the computer and have gotten them into pattern form. I am working on putting PDF's for sale again. This will save me printing and customers shipping. Then, the pattern can always be printed up by the customer for their own use.
I am very proud of the frame for the Raspberries pattern. I used the photo of the Raspberry to create the frame. I am going to do more of those!

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Roses

HI! Everyone,
I have been having trouble posting lately. I am still figuring out what's up, hence the reason there have been no new posts since early May. Let's see if this one works.
These are a few of my roses. The orange and pink need to be identified. Anyone got any suggestions as to their names? The pink one is the most beautiful pink. A soft pink with a slightly yellow touch in the center. I thought maybe it's a Silver Jubilee. The other is of course a Peace rose. It is a Heritage Rose from It is "own root", not grafted. The plant itself is smaller than a mini rose right now. It will grow up to be a regular 3-4' bush in a few years.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Auction doll done, I think

HI! Everyone,
I think the HCBHP Auction doll is finished! I may add a few things, who knows. Her clothes are removable. The blouse is difficult to get off, thank goodness she has double jointed shoulders and feels no pain! She even has panties.
She might get beaded sandals. I may make her another hat/wig. She has a red fluffy one that I'm not happy with. I will probably modify it or make a new one.

Got any name suggestions? Petra? Porsche? Patti? Give me some input!

I have a few other dolls in my head that are screaming to get out. So, I will probably work on them through the summer.
Doll hugs,

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The front yard

Here's a few pictures of the front yard in bloom. The bush Azaleas are just wonderful!!
Lovely flowers,


Exciting News!

I have exciting news!! My Bee and Saguaro Flower bead art piece has been accepted into the Bead and Button Bead Dreams Competition!! I am so,o,oooooo excited!! I shipped it off the other day, $102 for round trip shipping and insurance! And that was only insuring for half it's value! YIKES!

I also bought a new Digital SLR Canon 450D. I made a camera bag for it. It's a little on the large size but, I think I will evetually fill it up! I used a Polyfill product that is 1" thick and very stiff inside the bottom and sides. The lid has a pocket for paper, magazine or a map and pencils etc. I see now that I need a flap on the pocket. I spent about $20 instead of $70+ for a store bought one. It has it's flaws but it will do the job and look pretty, too!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summer's coming!

HI! All,
Summer is on it's way. We were 91 degrees here in Grants Pass yesterday! It should cool down the rest of the week though. The hot, anything over 85 is hot to me, weather will help get the roses thinking about blooming. I know you are supposed to pinch off the first buds, but I am so anxious to see them bloom I'm not sure I can do that this year! I'll get out my Roses book and see how badly I need to do that first pinch.

I just about have all the grass out of the beds, that will be a constant battle. The previous owner left me one of those "hoola-hoe" kind of tools. It is great! It will actually scrape the weeds up with roots!

I had a HUGE mess of clippings in trash cans that were decomposing. My freind Val and hubby Herb brought their dump trailer and helped get my stinky mess loaded and hauled it away to the compster. Thank You so,o,ooo much Val and Herb!!

I only put in a few bedding plants: Violas, Lupines and snapdragons. I'll put in Zinnias and some petunias in whiskey barrels when the Zinnias are at the nursery. The previous owner had a lot of flowers in the beds. We were kind of waiting to see what comes up. But, I can't have a flower bed without Johney Jump Ups! The Jump Ups this year are twice as big as I remember getting before. I like the teeny tiny ones.

Enough for now.
Happy Spring Planting,

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Harriet B Davis pattern

HI! All,
Just posting a photo of a bag I made in 2001 from a Harriet B. Davis pattern. I call it the WOW Bag, because that's what everyone says when they see it!

Beady things,

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


HI! Everyone,
Here's a few pics of some of the spring flowers in the flower beds: Tulips and Ranunculus. I missed getting photos of the dafodils, darn it! I will try to get pics as more of the flowes come up and bloom.

I am looking forward to seeing the roses bloom. So far many of the roses have surprised me with how well they are sprouting out.

Spring blooms,

Friday, March 27, 2009

Auction doll so far

HI! Everyone,
Here is the Auction 2009 doll so far. I decided to have one hand to her face and the other to her belly like she just heard a great joke. I gave her a lip ring and a little hook on the inside of her right hand. When posed she has her hand to her mouth and when unposed she'll look like she has a lip ring. The left hand will have a snap or velcro on her clothing to hold that hand in place. She has wire in her arms and fingers, so they are posable also.

So far she is mum about what she wants to wear. My friend Leslie suggested I take her to a quilt shop and maybe she'll see something she likes there! Not a bad idea. I need to go to the fabric shop and look at the Hoffman Challenge fabrics anyway!

Got to mend the hubby's work pants! Can't get work done with no work pants!! It is an absolutely beautiful day here in Grants Pass. The sun is out. It is warm. The daffodils are starting to wilt and the roses are putting on new growth! I can't wait to see them blooming again! I can hear lawnmowers all over the neighborhood.

Hugs and sunshine,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another One!

Here's another ad in the same issue of Workbasket December 1958.

Gee, was Cindy popular name in the late 50's?! I once had at least 4 Cindy's in one class, might have been 5 of us.

Dolls and stuff,

This is too funny!

HI! Everyone,
Check out this ad in a December 1958 Workbasket magazine. I found it in a box of old magazines. For those who don't know......I am a "Cindy Lou". I was born in August of 1957. I just found this too funny.
Dolly things,

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bald Doll

HI! Everyone,
Here are a few pics of the Breast Health Auction 2009 doll. I was trying to get a head that could be bald. I think I got it! When I did the needlesculpting I went in through an open seam at the lower back of the head. As I sculpted the stuffing was pulled into the inside of the head. When I finished needlesculpting I re-stuffed the back of the head and stitched the opening closed. I am going to make her a few wigs. At least one beady one and one yarn hair one.

Hope you are all having fun and enjoying life!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Leslie's latest butterfly

This is my friend Leslie's latest butterfly photo. It is a Clearwing. She takes great photos of butterfly eyes, too!
I am in Portland visiting with friends and my son Gabe.

It is Coooooooolllllldddddd here! It's been snowing off and on for two days!

Travelin' beads,

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blue Heron

The other day there was a Great Blue Heron on the neighbor's roof. I took several photos. He was a good poser!

The post about the legs didn't go well, did it? I guess I really should preview the post before I publish it!


I got the legs done!

HI! Everyone,
I got the legs done for the HCBHP auction doll 2009. Now on to harder things: stitching the hand/forearm, wire armature for the hands and then....breasts! Breasts are not too difficult, it just depends on if they are going to be exposed or seen at all. If it's just cleavage that's really easy. Decisions, Decisions.

I am trying to clean my Studio up a little bit. My Granddaughter Emily, she's 10 nearly 11, is coming over this afternoon to stay until tomorrow eve. I am hoping to do an easy beading project with her.

I have a class to teach from 11-1 today, Crocheting with Beads and Wire. Then off to get Emmy!

Hugs to All,

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Practice heads

I am practicing cloth doll heads. I am starting to work on the HCBHP doll. I will make a few more and pick from them. The head on the left is #1 on the possibles list. The head on the right is #2, so far. She has a few wrinkles I don't like but, is in the running. The head in the middle is one I've had around and decided to pop a couple of glass eyes into. I like the glass eyes! But, now I need to add eye lids and under lids! I am pretty sure I won't use her. She is strictly practice.

It has been a wonderful relaxing Valentines Day. I gave my hubby, Dew, some blooming purple Tulips and a box of Lindt Truffles. We had agreed not to get each anything but, I was at the store and the Tulips were calling to me and then the Truffles.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Friday, February 6, 2009

On today's work schedule

HI! Folks,
I found a Breast Cancer group that wants a doll for their auction this summer!! Whoo-Hoo!! I am so excited about this project! It is The Humboldt Community Breast Health Project. I know several women in Eureka who have dealt with breast cancer and have freinds who live in the area, so it is a local auction to me. I am so happy they decided to include me in their project auction.

Today I have a hundred things I want to get to: Work on ideas for the auction doll. Both breast health, cancer related and doll ideas for a doll that is not related to the subject matter of the project, decide on the matte design for the Hummingbird, Which involves making a few paper mattes, pick one and finish up the beadwork needed to fill it in, Post another pattern at, or at least get it emailed to Rita for inspection. Make a trip to the store with Dew for Soy Milk and Overalls.

A lot of thought processing today.
Then tonight is First Friday Art Night in downtown Grants Pass. Dew and are going even if it rains, which it most likely will. We have only had a little rain this winter, a very dry winter for us.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

More classes

The Right Angle Weave(RAW) class went very well. I did not take any pictures, sorry. I teach a basic bead stringing class tomorrow for another teacher who has to be out of town for a family issue. Then, saturday I teach a Dutch Spiral class, 3 students!

We have all our Super Bowl Sunday food. We do snacks and Nachos. Our son, Tyler, and family, plus our nephew and family will come. I don't really follow football but, I always try to participate in "the big game".

Here's a photo of the Hummingbird in progress. It is almost done. I just have to decide on the outer edges and where they stop. I will have a custom matte made that will go around the flower.

I really need to be working on my Spring Challenge piece and a hundred other things, so I'll write ya later.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Class today

HI! Everyone,
I am teaching an Advanced Right Angle Weave class today. I have one student. Maybe I'll take a picture or two to post. It is a rainy day here in Grants Pass, so it will be a good day to stay inside and teach someone something new.

Beady things,

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New photos in the slide show

HI! Peeps,
I am adding a few new photos to the slide show. I am going to put up some photos of my older barrettes and bead knitted pouches and purses.

I got a little organizing done this afternoon. I got out my bead box of size 11 seed beads. It is mostly the beads I leave in hanks, on strings, for Bead Knitting and Bead Crocheting. I swear this box weighs 100 pounds, but the bathroom scale says it weighs 34 lbs. I went through it and got all the little baggies leftover from projects put back with their other bead pals in the proper baggies.

Now, on to adding pictures to the slide show and beyond!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bead Counting

Well, this week I am helping my local bead shop, The Bead Merchant, with it's annual inventory count for the IRS. Yes. You really count all the beads. Today it was all the strands of beads. I dont' mind it at all. I am getting to handle(fondle) the most beautiful Freshwater Pearls and dream of what I could make with them. Is there a better part-time job? I don't think so! I get paid in rent to have my Beadwork in the shop for sale, even better!

Beads and-a-one-and-a-two.....,

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Everyone!

We spent a quiet evening at home watching a movie: The Full Monty. I really like that movie. I love British humor. Now for the hard part: remembering to write 2009 instead of 2008!

Here's a few of my latest obsession: Pocket Purses. I'll be selling them at Grower's Market in Grants Pass in the spring.
Best of the year to come!