Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Making a Peek-a-Boo box
This just shows how a glass dome can be added to a tin box to create a box you can see in to.

Start with any kind of tin box.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bee Cane Challenge

My friend of 47 yrs, Leslie B. Bohm, and I challenged each other to make a Bee Cane. No specifications other than that. Any kind of bee, realistic, cartoony...anything. No size limits on the original cane either or the ending size.
We both had the months of Jan. and Feb. to complete our canes. The deadline being March 1st.

Here is my progress:
The first is the photograph of Leslie's I used under the 6" plexiglass/acrylic plate.
I build up from the plate.
 I made some skinner blends to use in the body.

 Then I started building.

 I used lots of extruded ropes in white, pearl, black and yellow.
 I made a blend I forgot to photograph using some red and orange with gold metallic.


 I also made a Black Gold Metallic and a Black/white Pearl mix.
I used all the colors I blended in other colors I used. I had almost no scrap from constructing the Bee.
I just kept mixing the colors together and using them in the Bee.

 I made wings using transparent and white mixed, lined with a dark gold metallic with some black.

 I think he looks pretty good at this stage. I started adding the white/trans mix to fill in and get it round and ready to reduce.

At this point the Bee weighted in at 3.9 lbs!! Dimensions were: almost 6" wide X 3" high.

I started reducing.

Most of the white background squished out. I kept cutting it off to avoid having a bunch of polluted white/trans. The scrap weighed about 2 lbs. leaving about 1.5 lbs of cane.

The cane is about 3" in diameter and starting to get distorted. The head distorted badly and he lost his antenae. I will try to take more pics of the reduced canes.
If I were to make this again, I would make a 3" cane instead of 6". I think I could still get the detail I want with less distortion.

I played with some of the scrap. I made some sheets and covered a few tins. One I sent to Leslie with her birthday box. She will get to open it until March 1st.

This first lizard tail.  Love Julie Picarello's Lizard Tails. I think this one looks very "I dream of Jeanie".  I kept making them and putting them around a cocoa can. I had covered the can with "mud" at least a year ago. It had been waiting to be decorated for too long. I still have not baked it. I will soon.

I will post more pics after the "unveiling" when Leslie gets to see pictures of the cane. This will not be posted until she and I exchange photos of our Bees. This was fun!  I encourage you to challenge your friends and see what happens.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bee Challenge Con't

I made a tissue box cover. My first box of this size. Hard to get it to hold together during construction. I had to patch it at the corners and seams. Not sure what I learned but I am going to try another one.
We have tissue boxes in each bathroom, bedroom, living room and my studio. So, I will get lots of practice! I want to get better at boxes.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Puzzle piece pendant

My first pendant made using my CZExtruder from LCTools. Love it!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Blu Mudd Designs Challenge #4

I have an entry in the Blu Mudd Designs Challenge #4. You can vote on your favorite entry at this link:

My entry:

Friday, February 28, 2014

Evolution of a Pet Dragon

HI! Guys,
This idea was going to be my entry in the Battle of the Beadsmith 2014. I decided I am not cut out for that competition. If I had waited to create this until the competition April-May 31st, I would not have been able to carry it out. I just can't create under pressure. Ideas come to me in spurts and might take a year or so to get fully accomplished. I am ok with my creative path and how I walk it. So, the idea will unfold and be shared here in cyber-space.
Here are some photos of the evolution of my Pet Dragon. She is getting a little out of my comfort zone, but I am just going to go with it. I do not have photos of the making of the head. I wish I had taken some. But my time machine is broken, so there's that. If I make another head or take this project to another level I will make a new head and photo that one.

The basic head with eye pinned in place.

Eyes bezelled and pinnned in place.

A few lines beaded on the snout. Everything else is pinned in place.

Top view of the idea.

Another front view.

The snout idea stitched into place.

The brow and snout stitched. So, I think this idea is going to stick.

Top view with the scale maille piece stitched in place. Still not ready to stitch the eyes.

Front view.

 This last photo is a test to see if I like the Peridot Swarovski or the Periwinkle color. I think a mix of the two is what will happen. Everything is stitched in place except those two Peridot bi-cones at the top center. That is the next step to get those in place. I am still on the fence abou the eyes even though they are stitched on, they can be removed and rebuilt.

I am most terrified of the body.  How to do that and make it be what I want it to be. I want the body to flex and form. I have a jointed "spine" that will be inside the body. The hard part is making the body sleeve to be the shape I want it to be. I want the head to rest on my shoulder and the body to wrap around my waist and down around my leg.
The scales will continue down the back of the head and onto the body. The body will not have all the beadwork the head does. She would be too heavy to wear. There are some great Batik fabrics out there that will make a great skin. I will embellish the body a little to continue the theme of the head onto the body. Well...... ONWARD!

Monday, December 30, 2013

SmartCar Adventure

 Here's my new baby! She is so cute and we just love her!

Dewman and I went on an adventure yesterday in the new SmartCar E-Drive. I packed his walker, Christmas feast and Christmas presents for the 2 Grandkids, our son and Daughter-in-Law into the back of the SmartCar.

Fully charged and ready to go we headed for Shady Cove, Oregon. It is 38 miles one way. Drove on
I-5 with the big boys, no problems. Gave rides around the block to 5 people in family and got it plugged in around 2:30 PM. After a few hours we realized the charger wasn't set on the highest charge setting. After we got it set properly it charged up much faster. We had a nice Ham dinner with our oldest son and his family. Dew and Tyler(the oldest son) played music in the "Chicken Shack", Tyler's garage music room. It is lined with egg crates for acoustics, hence the name.

I kept checking on the progress of the charging and we were getting there slow but sure. It was cold. The warmest temp was 32 degrees when we got there. It was 26 by the time we got enough charge to feel confident we would get home. We would need the defroster and the heater, so we had to compensate for that power expense.
We knew we would encounter fog on the way through Sam's Valley and maybe icy roads in a few places.
We had a great time visiting with the kids. Our 15 yr. old Granddaughter was there and we so enjoyed her company. The family all stayed up with us while we waited for the car to charge. We watched a movie the kids found hilarious: Grown Ups 2. It was great to see them rolling in laughter at the movie. I was laughing at the laughing kids. Our Grandson is 10 so he gets the juvenile humor.

Finally at about 1:15 AM we had enough charge to take us 48 miles. So that would get us home with the heater and defroster.
Dew was my co-pilot and was in charge of the energy expense of the heater and defroster. He did a great job managing those throughout the trip. He would turn them on and off as needed. When we got 5 miles from home and had 16 miles of charge left he cranked the heater fan up. We knew we had enough to get home.
We pulled into the garage with 10 miles left on the charge! Whoo-Hoo!! We probably won't take that trip again unless we have a quick charge station at the other end of the trip. But, I wanted the kids to see the new car and give everyone a ride. It was so worth staying up until 2:30 AM to do that!

My little SmartCar is a dream come true. I have wanted an electric car since 1972-ish. I never really thought there would be one I could afford in my lifetime. Mercedes/Daimler has made a car that is affordable and practical for in town driving and I am so proud to have one parked in my garage!

Join the revolution! Let's get more of these on the road to push the technology further!