Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blue Heron

The other day there was a Great Blue Heron on the neighbor's roof. I took several photos. He was a good poser!

The post about the legs didn't go well, did it? I guess I really should preview the post before I publish it!


I got the legs done!

HI! Everyone,
I got the legs done for the HCBHP auction doll 2009. Now on to harder things: stitching the hand/forearm, wire armature for the hands and then....breasts! Breasts are not too difficult, it just depends on if they are going to be exposed or seen at all. If it's just cleavage that's really easy. Decisions, Decisions.

I am trying to clean my Studio up a little bit. My Granddaughter Emily, she's 10 nearly 11, is coming over this afternoon to stay until tomorrow eve. I am hoping to do an easy beading project with her.

I have a class to teach from 11-1 today, Crocheting with Beads and Wire. Then off to get Emmy!

Hugs to All,

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Practice heads

I am practicing cloth doll heads. I am starting to work on the HCBHP doll. I will make a few more and pick from them. The head on the left is #1 on the possibles list. The head on the right is #2, so far. She has a few wrinkles I don't like but, is in the running. The head in the middle is one I've had around and decided to pop a couple of glass eyes into. I like the glass eyes! But, now I need to add eye lids and under lids! I am pretty sure I won't use her. She is strictly practice.

It has been a wonderful relaxing Valentines Day. I gave my hubby, Dew, some blooming purple Tulips and a box of Lindt Truffles. We had agreed not to get each anything but, I was at the store and the Tulips were calling to me and then the Truffles.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Friday, February 6, 2009

On today's work schedule

HI! Folks,
I found a Breast Cancer group that wants a doll for their auction this summer!! Whoo-Hoo!! I am so excited about this project! It is The Humboldt Community Breast Health Project. I know several women in Eureka who have dealt with breast cancer and have freinds who live in the area, so it is a local auction to me. I am so happy they decided to include me in their project auction.

Today I have a hundred things I want to get to: Work on ideas for the auction doll. Both breast health, cancer related and doll ideas for a doll that is not related to the subject matter of the project, decide on the matte design for the Hummingbird, Which involves making a few paper mattes, pick one and finish up the beadwork needed to fill it in, Post another pattern at, or at least get it emailed to Rita for inspection. Make a trip to the store with Dew for Soy Milk and Overalls.

A lot of thought processing today.
Then tonight is First Friday Art Night in downtown Grants Pass. Dew and are going even if it rains, which it most likely will. We have only had a little rain this winter, a very dry winter for us.