Friday, February 28, 2014

Evolution of a Pet Dragon

HI! Guys,
This idea was going to be my entry in the Battle of the Beadsmith 2014. I decided I am not cut out for that competition. If I had waited to create this until the competition April-May 31st, I would not have been able to carry it out. I just can't create under pressure. Ideas come to me in spurts and might take a year or so to get fully accomplished. I am ok with my creative path and how I walk it. So, the idea will unfold and be shared here in cyber-space.
Here are some photos of the evolution of my Pet Dragon. She is getting a little out of my comfort zone, but I am just going to go with it. I do not have photos of the making of the head. I wish I had taken some. But my time machine is broken, so there's that. If I make another head or take this project to another level I will make a new head and photo that one.

The basic head with eye pinned in place.

Eyes bezelled and pinnned in place.

A few lines beaded on the snout. Everything else is pinned in place.

Top view of the idea.

Another front view.

The snout idea stitched into place.

The brow and snout stitched. So, I think this idea is going to stick.

Top view with the scale maille piece stitched in place. Still not ready to stitch the eyes.

Front view.

 This last photo is a test to see if I like the Peridot Swarovski or the Periwinkle color. I think a mix of the two is what will happen. Everything is stitched in place except those two Peridot bi-cones at the top center. That is the next step to get those in place. I am still on the fence abou the eyes even though they are stitched on, they can be removed and rebuilt.

I am most terrified of the body.  How to do that and make it be what I want it to be. I want the body to flex and form. I have a jointed "spine" that will be inside the body. The hard part is making the body sleeve to be the shape I want it to be. I want the head to rest on my shoulder and the body to wrap around my waist and down around my leg.
The scales will continue down the back of the head and onto the body. The body will not have all the beadwork the head does. She would be too heavy to wear. There are some great Batik fabrics out there that will make a great skin. I will embellish the body a little to continue the theme of the head onto the body. Well...... ONWARD!