Sunday, March 24, 2013

Butterfly piece

I am working on this necklace:

I am waiting to do the finish stitching on the backing until I decide on the type of necklace strap the piece will have. This is the point where I would love to hand it off to someone else to make those decisions. I love doing the Bead Embroidery/Applique' but do NOT like making straps! But... I will soldier on!
I am thinking of making a Herringbone strap. Soutache is tempting but doens't seem right for  this piece, as there is no Soutache in the pendant.

I really love the Joan Tucker porcelain piece and have a couple of others of hers to use. Her business is called: Off Center Productions. Thank you for the pieces Joan. It has taken me waaaay to long to use them!!

All things beady,


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