Monday, December 21, 2009

My son is in a movie!

My son Tyler used to be in a country western band, Oregon Rain. About 3 1/2 yrs ago the band was hired to be the bar band in a scene in a Bruce Campbell movie, My Name is Bruce. We finally got around to watching the movie. Bruce Campbell movies are cheesy, B, save-the-town-from-the-zombies movies. They are meant to be. Anyway, it was worth watching because about 43 minutes into the movie is the bar scene and they show the band for about 5 seconds. I get to see my son in a movie!! His name is in the credits twice as a member of the band and as a perfomer of the song they are singing.
As a Mom it is just the coolest thing. The bonus is Tyler's brother, Gabe, is a long time fan of Bruce Campbell and Bruce Campbell is a local resident. The  movie was filmed in the Rogue Valley near Ruch and in Medford, Oregon.
Check it out!
Love and Hugs to all this Christmas and Holiday season,