Saturday, April 14, 2012


Here is #2 in the 52 pr of earrings in a year Challenge. I actually made 2 pair and 10 beads from what I call a: Junk Bargello Roll. These earrings were made from a Junk Bargello Roll slab. It starts as a build up of a pile of colors, bits and pieces. It looks like a horrible useless mess of color, but once you roll it up, roll it out, fold it a few times, then run it through the pasta machine down to a setting 5-ish, it still looks suspect. Take than thin sheet and start rolling it into a roll. If you slice the roll lengthwise several times you can piece together a slab. Or you can slice it into bead lengths you like, turn those inside out and you have a Junk Bargello Roll inside-out bead! Voila'!

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