Sunday, September 29, 2013

Me and Polymer clay

More on me and polymer clay:
After my hands were rehabbed and I could start testing what I could do and not do, I got my clay out and started exploring what I would do with it. There is something so internal about the kneading of clay. There is an internal memory, one of which I am not aware. But, just touching the clay and holding the clay is comforting and inspiring.

In 1993 there were two kinds of  clay available to me: Fimo Classic and Sculpey III. I tried them both. I struggled with Fima Classic clay and Sculpey III was too soft. I used the Sculpey III at first because it was easy to condition. I kept trying the Fimo Classic. I bought a food chopper to chop the Fimo into bits. That was a big help! I bought a pasta machine. That helped more and helped keep from re-injuring my hands.
When I found the New Clay book, I also bought 2 Maureen Carlson books with characters to sculpt. My first clay creation was her little Elf in the Sea Shell. I made the Singing Monk, the Monk carrying a Pie, a Dragon, a pumpkin, the Unicorn..... I had discovered what I would do with polymer clay! Sculpt!
At the Embellishment Show in 1999 in Portland, Oregon my hubby, Dew, and I took a class from Debbie Krueger. A basic caning class. Dew, Debbie and I hit it off. We felt as if we had known each other forever. It was a blast! The next day I took Debbie's Turtle cane class. In 2000 I taught a Bead Knitting class and took another one of Debbie's classes with my friends Kathy and Leslie. Debbie's Fish cane class. That was fun! I made a clown fish cane. I found myself only creating canes. In creating canes you also create lots of "waste". And I mean LOTS!
By this time I was using Fimo Classic exclusively. I had figured the conditioning regimen. I learned to make what are called now Natasha beads or In-Side-Out beads. I have a Chewbaca bead made from some of the Fish cane leftovers.

In the Spring of 2000 Dew and I sold our house and bought a 34' Bounder RV. We have all seen a RV/camper fridge and how tiny they are. Well, ours also accomodated my clay! There were times when we were traveling through hot weather that there was more clay in the fridge than food! No kidding!

To be conintued..........

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