Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dragon 2

HI! Folks!
I am working on a new Dragon Tutorial. It is Dragon 2 right now, but the name will change before I am done. This Dragon is black and dangerous. I can't decide if you will be making trophies from this Dragon or if you will be making talisman. Possible titles are: Dragonslayer, Dragon Master, Black Dragon.
Here is a tease picture:
Since working this first tail piece I have decided NOT to use the big drops. I am using Spikes and Daggers.
This will be a project for experianced beaders. You will need a working knowledge of Tubular Herringbone and Peyote Stitch. I am nearly done and tiring of the photo steps, but I am stitcking with it! It has been my experience that the harder and longer it takes to put a pattern/tutorial is together, the fewer I sell of them. I am hoping that is not the case this time!

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