Friday, April 5, 2013

Battle Bio

HI! All,
Steven requested a little Bio from those of us participating in the BOTB 2013 challenge. Heeeeere it is!
I started playing with seed beads in 1969ish. My friend and I bought a pound of seed beads with our allowance, me half she half, poured them into a large wine goblet and dove in with our hands. We were hooked. We then saved up to buy looms, needles, beads and started drawing out patterns on graph paper. Size 10 seed beads in about 6 colors was all we could get back then.
We were hooked from that first moment of bliss when those wonderful tiny pieces of glass caressed our skin and massaged our hands. Several years ago I sent her a pound of black seed beads and a large wine goblet for her birthday. When she is stressed she gets out the goblet, pours the beads in and de-stresses by plunging her hand into the beads and gently massaging away the stress.

I have been teaching everything seed beady since 1995. I have taught at the Embellishment show when it was partnered with Bead & Button magazine in 2001 and 2002. I teach locally through my studio. I sell my own patterns in book, single pattern and all in PDF form online.
My Bee-Art 1 piece was juried into the Bead and Button Bead Dreams Competition in 2009.

I am addicted to creating with seed beads. I dabble in other areas: cloth dolls, polymer clay, Soutache, the list goes on......
I am all about the line. I think that is why Bead Knitting: knit and slide method was the focus of my work since 1998. But, Bead Applique'/Embroidery is my passion. The line is the focus for me. With my Bead-Art/Bee-Art pieces, recreating a photograph in beads, it is still about the line of those circles. I refer to it as Crop-Circle beadwork. Amy Clark-Moore is the master at this technique. I was inspired by her work and thank her for giving me the courage to pursue this technique.

Good luck one and all. may we all rise to the occasion and create beautiful wearable art!
All things beady,

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