Thursday, September 13, 2012

JoAnne's Mania!

This week is the Grand Opening week of the new JoAnne's Fabric and Craft store in our small town of Grants Pass, OR. We have a fabric store: Plaza sewing and fabrics. We have a bead shop: The Bead Merchant. And now we have a craft store! Haven't one of those since the late 1990's!
I have my coupons all lined up in my wallet for each day and my list of what I will get. These coupons are 50% off only one item. Yesterday I got a new ironing board cover. On my list are: floral wire and tape, pliers, polymer clay accessories.... things I will use.

This morning I went to my exercise class. Got a great workout. Thank you Mary! Got the tarp at the motorhome to put on the trailer to load all the limbs and trimmings from yesterday to take to the Bio Mass place tomorrow. Sent off a package and stopped at JoAnne's. To my surprise the JoAnne's parking lot was full. I drove around the corner and did not find a place to park until I got over to the JCPenney lot! I thought,"Just a little further to walk. No big deal."
JoAnne's was full of people. I expected that. I wander around looking for the floral wire at the back of the store. I ask someone with a JoAnne's uniform on,"If I were floral wire where would I be?" She says,"Up in far left corner." So, off I go. I cut across the store to go up the far wall to the floral section and am met by a line of people, all waiting for checkout! The line went from the registers down the checkout aisle, around the corner and down the first aisle, hung a left and down that wall nearly to the back of the store!! YIKES!

So, I very quickly made the executive decision to  come back later after my shift at the Crafter's Mkt: Savannah Faire. I wonder if it will be less crowded there at 5:10 this eve. Hmmmmmmm. I will find out!

Adventures in JoAnneland,

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