Monday, August 27, 2012

A few faces

HI! Everyone,
I have been enjoying the Oregon Coast for the month of August. Relaxing. Ahhhhhhhh. i have also worked on a few needlefelted doll heads. I am just trying to get one that I can use for a doll. I am getting better. I have mostly finished 5 heads, working on a 6th and torn the face off of that second one. I will reuse the core for another head. The third one is still pretty bad. The 4th one has promise. The 5th one tells me I have definitely have issues with lips! 

These last two (5 & 6) I am using eyes that I printed and glued to a clear glass dome.They are too large for the 5th head. I think just right for the 6th. The 6th head is about twice the size of the others. We will see how this one shapes up. Maybe I can keep those lips under Control!! I need to get better at the eyelashes too. They are those stick on individual lashes.

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  1. Hi nice to met you. I adore making dolls & bead too! you know we are a small group who are obsessed with both. I think your heads looks great...just need some liposuction on the lips...LOL! dot