Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Tiger Loom project

Here is the most current photo of the Tiger Loom project. It is 120 beads wide and 99 rows long. The pattern is a Maddie the Kat pattern. The pattern calls for Delica beads. I am using regular rocaille seed beads, a mix of Czech and Japanese size 11's. It is approx. 8" wide x ??
Hopefully I have the loom strung long enough! This photo is at about Row 67.
The next Tiger will be my own graphed project. I need to make some modifications to the loom before doing another one. I have to beef it up to correct the "toe in" effect. I have always made my own looms with help from my hubby. Since this project was so wide I had to use it in a different way and it is causing some leaning in of the end pieces. There will be more Tigers!! I am not sure why I have waited so long to do a Tiger project but.....everything in it's time.

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