Friday, May 25, 2012

Starting over....

I am working on my own graph for a large loomed tiger piece. The working title is: My Tiger 1. I am not very good at those clever, ethereal names for my designs. Anyway..... I got about 30 rows (1/3 of the way up starting at the bottom) and discovered there were 4 colors just not working at all. Wrong color, too dark, in the wrong places. Here it is a few rows short of where I stopped.
 There wasn't enough definition to the right and left of the chin and muzzle. I ripped it out to the border rows. I reworked the graph and started from square one with the bead selection process. I am hoping I have a better grip on it this time. I am glad I started from the bottom otherwise I might have been nearly done before seeing the color problem.
So here I go again! This fine tuning a pattern is why I chose to use someone else's pattern for the first big project. I have been using a bead loom since 1969. I had never tried something so wide before. I have done complicated but, not this wide. I used to make what is called a "split loom" necklace. Like this butterfly:
They are interesting to setup on the loom and it takes patience to get it all working together. But, They are wonderful when finished.
Onward with the new My Tiger 1 adventure.

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