Monday, May 14, 2012

A good use for....

In a box or standing in a vase, paired and wrapped with tape so they stay together, are countless aluminum knitting needles, in countless second hand stores and yard sales all over the world. You pass them by because you don't knit, don't plan on learning to knit and don't know anyone who does.
I have never bought any, but I have been given many of these bundles of knitting needles. I take them knowing I will find a use for them. I have off snipped the ends to the length I need to use as "boning" in the bodice of my renaissance faire costume when the cheap plastic boning failed.
I use them to make the size holes I need in polymer clay beads before I bake them. I have used them as support in cross-stitch wall hangings and in doll legs for strength. There are endless ways to use knitting needles besides to start a sweater you will never finish because the instructions are boring and confusing and dont' tell me enough so I know what in the world I am supposed to be doing or whether or not I am doing it right, only to find out after weeks of struggling that I misunderstood and worked the first 5 rows all wrong so now I have to rip the whole thing out!!!!
Oh. Sorry. I got a bit of a rant there. Guess you know how I feel about traditional knitting instructions!

To be fair I do knit. I Bead Knit to be clear. I don't knit with beads. I Bead Knit. The beads are slid between stitches and are the beauty of the piece, usually a small amulet bag or large purse.
So, my point of this silliness is to show you another way I use abandoned knitting needles so that they spend the rest of their days being useful instead of just sitting in a jar or a box with nothing to do.
I use them as stakes for my little sprinklers in my flower beds.

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