Friday, December 9, 2011

Needle Felting: the beginning

HI! All,
I have allowed FaceBook to become my preferred way of communicating what I am doing. Sorry, to all 9 of you! But I think you are all my friends at FB, so you haven't missed anything!

I got interested in making needle felted doll parts: feet and hands. I bought Kay Petal's FeltAlive DVD Workshop. OH! MY!! That was so helpful and fun! And now I find she is moving about 40 miles away!! I will meet her Saturday at a special art event.
I have not been successful at hands or feet yet but here is my first head.
She is a little bug-eyed and buck-toothed. But I think I will make a body for her. When I remove her hat she looks like a Monk! I am going to try to "feminize" her a little bit with some jewelery.

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