Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pasta Machine motor

HI! Everyone,
Today I am using the Monster Pasta Machine. I found this old post from 2011 when we put it together. I am blending colors from Julie Picarello's book: Patterns in Polymer Clay. I just love her colors! I use Kato clay so I am also making blends of the basics: Cadmium Red for Kato is: equal parts Kato Orange and Kato Red.
Someone posted they were conditioning 20 pounds of clay, you needed this machine!

clay and beads,

HI! Everyone,
When I sent my friend Leslie a picture of the new pasta machine motor all hooked up, she texted back asking: "Did you watch an episode of 'Pimp My Pasta Machine?'" Here is my "pimped out" pasta machine.
A $69.00 Craftsman drill and some clever woodwork from my husband and I have a machine that can handle conditioning or making skinner blends, hands free to catch or hold the clay. This machine is for adult use only. It has to be handled with care. It likes to snap at your fingers!
I only use this one for the heavy work. It will over-condition clay if I am not careful. It will spit out conditioned clay with speed that is very entertaining! I have the trigger set for one speed but it has an adjustable hose clamp to loosen or tighten (slow down or speed up) the drill. Worth the effort and $$.
Beads and clay,

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