Saturday, January 2, 2010

Polymer Clay

Help I am stuck in the Polymer Clay vortex and can't get out! Polymer Clay is my play time. I started playing with clay in 1994. You would think after 15 years I would be better at it. But, like I said, "It's my playtime." I have 10 books by several Polymer artists. I pick a technique and see if I can even come close. Well....the only technique I ever get a decent result from is Sarah Shriver's kaleidescoping technique. I have taken 2 classes from her. I am trying to use up my supply of clays.  I have a mix of several kinds and want to give Kato Clay a try. I also like to sculpt with it.
I have 2 Donna Kato books. She makes the coolest box pendants. So, when I get the new clay I am going to try my hand at a box pendant.
Here's some "happy accident" beads. But, I burned them to a crisp! I didn't check the temp on the toaster oven. Fried them at 400 degrees! They became black charred blobs. Most of the pieces I make are made from random blobs of clay. I want to make something intentional. I want to have a design in mind for a specific project and have it resemble the original idea. It is one of my goals for 2010.

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