Monday, August 3, 2009


Help me!

HI! Everyone,

I need your help! I am finally adding new patterns to my website after about 3 years. I need to ask for your help in getting the word out. I will be posting new patterns every month for as long as I have patterns to post.

I have finally gotten some of my old hand colored and written graphs put onto the computer and have gotten them into pattern form. I am working on putting PDF's for sale again. This will save me printing and customers shipping. Then, the pattern can always be printed up by the customer for their own use.
I am very proud of the frame for the Raspberries pattern. I used the photo of the Raspberry to create the frame. I am going to do more of those!

1 comment:

  1. Cindy, you really need to check out etsy and artfire...costs zero to post 10 items to artfire...but I pay $12 a month and can post as many as I want and pay NO FEES of any kind when I sell something.
    On etsy it is 20 cents to post an item for 4 months. They collect a 3.5% fee when you sell.
    People are always asking me to buy patterns so you would do well there.
    Over 3 million people shop on etsy...artfire is just getting started but I like their setup and the fact that they are challenging etsy in the handmade sales market.
    Are you on Facebook?
    I have made a whole bunch of beady connections on 400 people so far.
    See what I mean about becoming an internet junkie? I kinda have to what with me not being able to leave the house hardly any at all now that I have Mom on home hospice care...ugh!
    Guess we should maybe break down and call each other, huh? LOL
    Later, Sylvia