Saturday, February 14, 2009

Practice heads

I am practicing cloth doll heads. I am starting to work on the HCBHP doll. I will make a few more and pick from them. The head on the left is #1 on the possibles list. The head on the right is #2, so far. She has a few wrinkles I don't like but, is in the running. The head in the middle is one I've had around and decided to pop a couple of glass eyes into. I like the glass eyes! But, now I need to add eye lids and under lids! I am pretty sure I won't use her. She is strictly practice.

It has been a wonderful relaxing Valentines Day. I gave my hubby, Dew, some blooming purple Tulips and a box of Lindt Truffles. We had agreed not to get each anything but, I was at the store and the Tulips were calling to me and then the Truffles.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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