Saturday, February 28, 2009

I got the legs done!

HI! Everyone,
I got the legs done for the HCBHP auction doll 2009. Now on to harder things: stitching the hand/forearm, wire armature for the hands and then....breasts! Breasts are not too difficult, it just depends on if they are going to be exposed or seen at all. If it's just cleavage that's really easy. Decisions, Decisions.

I am trying to clean my Studio up a little bit. My Granddaughter Emily, she's 10 nearly 11, is coming over this afternoon to stay until tomorrow eve. I am hoping to do an easy beading project with her.

I have a class to teach from 11-1 today, Crocheting with Beads and Wire. Then off to get Emmy!

Hugs to All,

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  1. Hi Cindi: Love the looks of these legs/feet. I haven't seen this type of connector at the knees before. Can you tell us how it is done? Is it a pattern of your own.
    Thanks Baja Betty